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Stoil Petrov NSP Avocats Avocat francophone, escroqueries aux faux investissements, arnaqu

Stoil Petrov is a lawyer, graduated in law from the University of Paris Cité (René Descartes) since 2008.


He works in the field of tax law in France and advises our clients in matters of individual taxation (preparation of their tax returns, compliance, regularization, disputes with the administration, tax optimization, etc.).


Since 2016, Stoil Petrov has also been dedicated to the defense of individuals against financial institutions as well as the defense of victims of false investment scams and cybercrime, an area in which he has developed cutting-edge expertise and a specific know-how. ​


Before joining NSP Avocats, Stoil Petrov worked at "TAJ", a law firm in Paris, as well as in the legal departments of various international companies, such as "RYAN" and "BNP Paribas" in Paris. ​


Since 2019 Stoil Petrov is also an arbitrator at the Sofia Court of Arbitration "Legal Aid and Mediation". ​


He is fluent in French, English and Bulgarian.

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