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Intellectual Property

Intangible assets (trademarks, company names, designs & models, patents, copyrights, domain names, know-how, etc.) are essential elements of a company's assets. They can enable it to acquire and develop an identity that differentiates it from its competitors or give it the benefit of technological exclusivity.


The creators or managers of companies in France and Bulgaria often consult an expert lawyer in intellectual property and more particularly a lawyer in trademark law with the aim of “registering a name” or “protecting a trademark”.


The protection of the mark (the name or the logo of a company or a product or service) is acquired by its registration as a mark (with the INPI for France, the BPO for Bulgaria, the EUIPO for the European Union, WIPO for the rest of the world).


The role of the trademark lawyer begins with the trademark filing project, through prior art searches and consultations on whether or not a trademark can be filed, and continues throughout life of the brand by defending the distinctive sign.

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