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We offer each of our clients a wide range of legal services adapted to their situation. We make commitments to guarantee an effective and quality approach to any problem. 


​We work in the areas of corporate law, contract law, pharmaceutical law, real estate law (purchase of real estate in Bulgaria and France), tax law, intellectual property , banking and financial law and litigation.


We also assist our clients in their disputes with financial brokers as well as victims of financial scams on the internet.

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Nadezhda Svinarova-Petrova is an attorney-at-law at the Paris Bar since 2012 and at the Sofia Bar since 2015. She specializes in business law, banking law and pharmaceutical law. Stoil Petrov is a lawyer with over 12 years of experience. He specializes in tax law and in the areas of cybercrime, financial and banking litigation.

We work in French, English, Spanish and Bulgarian.

The first appointment is the subject of a prior exchange by email or telephone in order to target the customer's request. In support of the information transmitted by the customer, a first analysis is presented to him in writing or by telephone. Depending on the client's request, a fee is proposed.

The fees policy practiced by the Firm is transparent and attractive.

The firm's fees are freely fixed in agreement with the client.

Except in an emergency, the fees, whether fixed or hourly, are fixed in writing under cover of an intervention proposal accepted in advance by the client. The amount of fees does not cover the various costs and disbursements incurred by the Firm (travel, bailiffs, solicitors, experts, detectives, etc.).

In certain cases, an additional result fee may be provided which is calculated on the sums obtained and / or on the savings made by the client following the intervention of the Firm. The result fee guarantees the client our close involvement in the management and follow-up of his file, as well as our objective of success. This approach reveals a spirit of partnership with the customer.








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