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Financial Law
Defense of victims of financial fraud

Lawyer specializing in the defense of victims of financial scams

NSP Avocats provides its clients with professionals who regularly intervene in the field of banking and financial law, in all its aspects, essentially on behalf and in the interest of individuals, in the context of their relations and litigation with financial institutions. ​


We intervene in the context of disputes with regulated investment brokers and in the context of fake investment scams on the internet. Our lawyers have strong expertise in the field of dispute resolution with stock brokers in France, in other countries of the European Union and in the United Kingdom. ​


Scams related to investments in crypto-currencies, forex, gold, art, wine, SCPIs, ETFs etc. are reaching more and more inexperienced savers but also real investment professionals.

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The pattern of scams is often very similar but also increasingly sophisticated. Fraudulent platforms offer so-called guaranteed returns in crypto-currencies, crypto-assets, forex, gold, wine, parking spaces, rooms in nursing homes, ETFs, etc. Holding a well-rehearsed speech and making enticing promises via phone calls, social networks, by influencers or by email, the scammers entice investors to open trading accounts or wallets (portfolios) with a company of exchange (Coinbase,, Coinhouse, Kraken, Binance etc.). The goal – to use these platforms to receive victims' funds in crypto currencies or stablecoins such as USDT, a means of payment that is difficult to trace and therefore reassuring for criminals.


Several hundred fraudulent websites have already been listed by European financial regulators (AMF, FCA, FSMA and others) - you can also consult our blacklist which is updated regularly.


If you are a victim of one of these sites, do not hesitate to contact us. The "NSP Avocats" team has been regularly handling cybercrime cases since 2016 and has developed cutting-edge expertise and unique know-how in this area. We have also obtained certificates from the Council of Europe and the HELP program (Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals) in the field of Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence.

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Dans notre interview pour Mieux Vivre Votre Argent et Les Echos Investir, nous avons discuté de la prévention des escroqueries en ligne et les mesures que nous pouvons prendre pour éviter de tomber dans les pièges des escrocs 🛑

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